The Team /

A developer, a designer and a composer.

About us

Intending to explore new ideas and develop a small project, comes Shells and Carrots, A game whose base is the classical mechanics of endless runners bringing new aspects and twists controlling two different characters at the same time. Dedicating our free time for some months (a lot of them!), step by step we have managed to shape and polish the idea to the actual result. If someone asks us, we will respond without hesitation that it was worth every minute spent on it because we could learn and enjoy with a hobby that has given us great moments and a few headaches.

Knowing that the three members of the team love running, alone or accompanied, and always with music, it's easy to understand where the idea was born. But, who are we?

Meet us


Game developer and
designer and creator of the characters.


Objects, buttons, backgrounds and adorability
of the main characters designer.


Original Soundtrack and
sound effects composer.

Shells y Carrots

Fables' legends
and all-terrain athletes.